Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two attractive women working in IT? Together? Pure. Fantasy.

Minor debate has fired up in parts of the Australian IT community over whether this ad is sexist.


Some find it more offensive than others as you would expect. The figure hugging clothes and attractive women appear to be manufactured to manipulate the young men who make up the majority in the IT industry.

But I look around my office and the girls are wearing exactly the same kinds of clothing. The majority of the girls (especially those who have a great figure) wear tiny blouses and skirts or “bum hugging” pant cuts. That wouldn’t be the case on a building site but IT people spend much of their time in offices. Its certainly a step up from having both girls in bikinis. The ad above is at least in the realm of possibilities.

If they had put a guy and a girl in the ad I doubt it would have raised an eyebrow to be honest. But two attractive women in IT? Is it because some still count this as pure fantasy?


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