Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Send Bruzynski to HELL (or the atheist equivalent)

A short but important note:

If you have ever encountered someone trying to raise money (often well over $100k) to get treatment at the “Burzynski clinic”, gently (and tactfully) explain to them that they will not get the cancer treatment they seek.

Radiohead recently got sucked in when they donated a guitar to help raise money for a young cancer patient to attend this clinic. There are many who falsely assume such expensive treatment cannot possibly be fraudulent. Burzynski has had good PR for far too long and its time the world was told how this man preys on the weak, promising them life while watching them die and then turning to strip their greiving families of money. The lowest of the low.

Burzynski charges exorbitant rates, applying a treatment that doesn’t work and never has, offering dangerous false hope to terminally ill cancer patients (who all end up dying anyway). Anyone who exposes his fraud is immediately met with legal threats and harrassment.

When there were one or two bloggers he could take each one on directly. But he can’t sue thousands of people! ;-) which is why I am spreading the word.

This man deserves to be in jail. Spread the word.

Read about the teenager Burzynski is currently targeting with legal threats

Last but not least. Sign the following petitions:

  1. Force the FDA to investigate Burzynski

  2. Petition asking Burzynski to release research and clinical data.



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