Published by monika on Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hi! My name is Monika. I’m a mechanical engineer (since 2002) who is also trained as a physicist. I am inspired by skeptics and atheists and consider myself to be one of them. I currently work long hours as chief design engineer for a company that builds power stations and backup generators.

I love where I live, in Melbourne, Australia, with my partner of 13 years (anniversary in August!) who is also an engineer (not mechanical though). I love to make things. I love to fix things. I love to shop. I am happiest when all three collide.

NOTE: While my full name would be easy enough to discover for anyone significantly motivated, I choose to go only by “Monika” to separate my blog from my employer. Please don’t bother asking me for my full name or the name of the company I work for. Its just not relevant.


Feasibility is an engineering based blog designed to reach other STEM people. Non-STEM people are also welcome! I try to give good advice and well-reasoned opinions but please don’t hesitate to disagree with me. This blog exists because I realised that I live in a metaphorical bubble and that simply wont do. Nup.


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