Why Feasibility?

Published by monika on Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to my blog “Feasibility”. Chosen, in part, for its definition, “The quality of being doable”.

If you are an engineer, you hear and use the word “feasibility” all the time. Feasibility studies can be boring but once something is “feasible” the fun bit begins as far as I am concerned. Thats why I feel like its a good name for an engineering based blog.

Plus, I just love finding out what new thing on this Earth has made the transition from “impossible” to “doable”. Each time it happens I lose a little pessimism and love the world a bit more. Sometimes all I find out is that something has become doable for me, personally. Even if its just DIY I found somewhere, its all joy to me. I love to watch the world get better at things and occasionally get better at stuff myself. And I hope to share it with you.

BTW. I am fully aware of the sexual connotations attached to the definition and I like that part too :-P


Feasibility is an engineering based blog designed to reach other STEM people. Non-STEM people are also welcome! I try to give good advice and well-reasoned opinions but please don’t hesitate to disagree with me. This blog exists because I realised that I live in a metaphorical bubble and that simply wont do. Nup.


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