Published by monika on Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I love science and I love knowing why, when, how and where. I love the scientific method of finding the best explanation for natural phenomena.

I don’t like deception.
I love logic.

I have been watching the skeptic community from the outside for many years and have recently decided that its time to start contributing. Especially since there does not appear to be a glut in female mechanical engineer skeptics out there. I hope now that I have stood up maybe some will appear. If not, I hope my blog can be of guidance to female engineers and a source of entertainment to all, with the occasional fact.


Feasibility is an engineering based blog designed to reach other STEM people. Non-STEM people are also welcome! I try to give good advice and well-reasoned opinions but please don’t hesitate to disagree with me. This blog exists because I realised that I live in a metaphorical bubble and that simply wont do. Nup.


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