Published by monika on Thursday, July 14, 2011

I’m a female engineer who also trained as a physicist. I have worked as a Mechanical engineer for several years and I currently work as the only female in my department at a a large reciprocating engine manufacturer. Being the only female is nothing new for me! I have also encountered sexism at work (sometimes) and I have equally encountered male colleagues who want nothing more than to see me succeed.

Feminist issues, especially women engineer’s issues are close to my heart. Although, my views may not always be conventional and would not generally be classed as extreme.

But then.

Sometimes they are.


Feasibility is an engineering based blog designed to reach other STEM people. Non-STEM people are also welcome! I try to give good advice and well-reasoned opinions but please don’t hesitate to disagree with me. This blog exists because I realised that I live in a metaphorical bubble and that simply wont do. Nup.


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